Which Is The Best Time To Plan A Trip To Canada?

Canada is one of the finest destinations in the world. Throughout the year, the landscapes are changing to reflect the seasons, and you will not find any location untouched by this.

The country gets colder and snow falls throughout the winter months, capping the mountains and inducing a wave of local and tourist winter sports mania. It is acknowledged that Canada is the best destination in the world to experience the best heli skiing in the world. As the days get colder, flowers start to bloom during the spring and the country with its rich fauna becomes alive again. Summer includes the rays of the sun beating down, carrying a heat wave as the days get long and drawn out. As autumn rolls around the leaves turn orange, golden and fiery red and a breeze comes into the air, the fireside and hot coca are the perfect weather for late nights.

When you can’t work out what time of year this article is for you to book your Canadian holiday. Each season brings to Canada something magnificent, something special and something exciting, and today we are looking at the myriad of things that you can see and do all year round.


Telling you not to pack your best coat and a few extra pairs of socks for winter in Canada wouldn’t be an overstatement. The cold weather comes with a great reward, though, including beautiful snow-capped peaks, frozen lakes and festivities. At winter’s height, you’ll be watching freezing temperatures below 0 Celsius and huge snowfall in places. However, you must get yourself ready for chilling cold of the year and keep essential measures to keep your health intact. Consider taking your regular medicines if applicable whether it be any add medicine, some vitamin supplements or for any another cause.

Because Canada is one of the world’s largest countries and is home to an incredibly diverse environment, the seasonal effects are more apparent in some regions than in others.

The best things to do in winter in Canada:

  • Skiing or snowboarding in Whistler


Winter is the perfect time for snow sports, and Whistler is one of the best places in the world for them. Not too far from Vancouver, Whistler sits on the north-west side of the Garibaldi Provincial Park and is surrounded by mountains, making it the perfect place to find the best powder.

  • Experience Abraham Lake frozen over

A frozen lake is a beautiful and incredible sight, but Abraham Lake looks even more other-worldly than most when the frost comes. When frozen, the lake is riddled with beautiful white bubbles which could make you believe you are on another planet completely. The lake sits between Banff and Jasper National Parks so is the perfect stop-off on a road trip.

  • Skate the Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal Ottawa skateboard is home to the Rideau Canal, the world’s largest naturally frozen skating rink. The 4,8-mile-long stretch of water freezes every year during the winter and becomes one of the world’s most popular skating rinks, with roughly 20,000 daily visitors! If you are looking to get your skates on, then this is the best place to do it; you don’t even need to pay for access. Bring your own skates or rent a pair and enjoy!


The West Coast welcomes spring slightly earlier than the rest of the country, but it officially starts in March. The snow will start to melt away and the air will start to lose its bite. The incredible flora of Canada really comes into its own during the spring months, and the fauna starts to come alive again after a cold winter and hibernation. This means spring is a great time to see animals like bears starting to wake up from their hibernation.

The best things to do in spring in Canada:


  • Experience maple syrup season in the east

Maple syrup is one of Canada’s most iconic products. The sweet, sticky liquid is consumed around the world, but the best can be found in the east, in Quebec and Ontario. Spring is maple syrup season and the perfect time to see the trees being tapped. All around the country there are fantastic maple farms you can visit, to tour and sample maple syrup at, and this time of year is the best to do that.

  • See the cherry blossoms in Vancouver

When you think of cherry blossoms, you probably imagine Japan, but Vancouver is a great place to experience 43,000 beautiful cherry trees bloom. During spring the streets of Vancouver come alive with pink and people chasing the blossoms.

  • Enjoy the Canadian Tulip Festival

If the cherry blossoms just aren’t enough for you, head over to Ottawa to experience the incredible Canadian Tulip Festival. Held annually in May, the festival claims to be the world’s largest tulip festival, with over one million tulips. The city becomes bright and colourful, and you’ll feel as if you are walking around some kind of Disney fairy-tale. As well as the beautiful flowers there are great events to enjoy as well.


Summer is when tourism comes alive all over the world, and Canada is no exception. Locals will also go out as well as tourists enjoying the streets and beautiful landscapes. Start summer sports and hiking trails are filled with enthusiastic adventurers and photo opportunities. Don’t forget to bring your dash cam and regret later for not capturing the memorable adventures of your life to the fullest. The sun beats across the country and the pleasant weather gives each road a relaxed atmosphere. Summer is a fantastic time with some amazing species of humpbacks, orcas and belugas to take part in some whale watching. It’s also a brilliant time to see bears waking up from their hibernation now absolutely.

 The best things to do in summer in Canada:

  • See Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls sits perfectly on the border of New York State and the province of Ontario. They are often regarded as some of the most beautiful falls in the world, and summer is the perfect time to experience them in all their glory. With the sunshine beating down you’ll be able to walk around the falls or even get up close and personal with a boat tour.

  • Whale Watching

Spring, as we said earlier, is the best time to watch whales. The long coasts of Canada on both sides of the country mean that there are many areas where you can go first-hand to see whales. Vancouver Island is one of the best places to see whales on the west coast. The island is perfect for wildlife of all sorts, but its rugged coastline makes it a great place to see animals such as orcas, humpback whales and Pacific greys.


Autumn is famously stunning throughout the world, so you can only imagine how beautiful it is in Canada that is already breathtaking. The vegetation illuminates the landscape and warms the soul with its brightness. The summer travelers have gone home, and the locals are starting to get ready for the winter, so you can expect quieter streets and a relaxing stay. Autumn is the best time to catch an incredible salmon season, and you’ll also be able to see polar bears in Canada’s colder regions towards the end of the year.

The best things to do in autumn in Canada:

  • Watch the salmon run


The Adams River Sockeye Salmon Run in BC is one of the best in the world. The bright red Sockeye Salmon fill the water with their color and there are many great viewing areas to witness this amazing natural event from.

  • Take part in the beer run

If you love to search the world for the most exciting sporting events, then look no further than The Famous Canadian Beer Run and Festival. Every year this 5k run takes place during September in Toronto and thousands of participants knock back beer and jog across the city whilst having incredible fun.

Your registration fee will include a custom Famous Canadian Beer Run stein, a soft-cotton race shirt, two beer chips (which will be good for two beers of your choice) and entry into the incredible post-run festival.