10 Beautiful Seoul Travel Attractions

Seoul is an enormous metropolis characterized by cutting-edge subways meeting Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets. Additionally, futuristic attractions like Lotte World Tower’s distinctive curving design reminiscent of traditional Korean ceramics can also be found there.

History enthusiasts won’t want to miss visiting The National Museum of Korea with displays spanning prehistoric to modern era. And visiting DMZ won’t disappoint either, with statues commemorating those who gave their lives for their nation. Cathay Pacific flights include the route of Sydney to Seoul right now.

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace stands as one of Seoul’s best-known palaces and was home to Joseon Dynasty kings as their main residence. With its picturesque exterior featuring golden roofs and stone pillars, while inside there are exquisite art galleries and halls, Gyeongbokgung is easily recognizable from a distance.

Gyeongbokgung’s most beloved attraction is undoubtedly witnessing its royal changing-of-the-guard ceremony, held twice daily outside Gwanghwamun Gate. Many visitors opt to rent traditional Korean clothing such as the hanbok (traditional Korean attire) in order to join in this incredible spectacle and feel truly part of it.

Once you’ve explored the throne hall, make your way over to the western side of the palace for a look at National Treasure No. 224: Gyeonghoeru Pavilion – built atop an artificial lake that gives it the appearance of floating, this two-storey structure makes one of the most striking sights at this palace.

2. Itaewon

Itaewon, one of Seoul’s premier dining and nightlife districts, features casual beer bars, upscale bistros, low-key kebab shops and DJ-driven dance clubs offering hip hop and house music, while Itaewon Antique Street provides unique souvenirs.

Visit All That Jazz bar and unwind while listening to classic jazz music, or visit Chulsoo Pottery Workshop where you’ll gain hands-on experience with pottery making and create a cauldron-shaped diffuser of your own!

The Leeum Samsung Museum of Art in Itaewon is another must-see attraction, boasting two sections focused on traditional Korean and contemporary art respectively. It has stunning architecture as well as numerous activities to keep visitors busy during their visit.

3. National Museum of Korea

The National Museum of Korea is an impressive concrete slab that will take you on an intriguing tour through Korean history, from prehistory to its modern-era empire period and beyond. You’ll see an expansive collection of traditional and modern artworks dating back 5,000 years or more!

Seoul’s specialty cafes, such as cat, Harry Potter and poop cafes are an entertaining way to relax with coffee and snacks while interacting with animals or experiencing something unique. Most places charge an entrance fee before providing affordable pricing for food and drinks.

Yongma Land, an abandoned theme park, is a favorite spot among visitors looking for quirky photos or adventure. Booking includes private transportation between your hotel and Yongma Land; once inside it’s free to explore!

4. Lotte World Tower

Lotte World Tower is an eye-catching 123-floor structure featuring multiple observation decks and a glass skywalk, home to luxury hotels, an art gallery and other attractions. Having won several GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS awards since opening its doors to millions of visitors worldwide, Lotte World Tower continues to charm viewers as its design elegantly blends traditional Korean culture with cutting-edge infrastructure.

Once on the 118th floor, take a ride in Korea’s first double-door elevator that travels at an impressive rate of 10 meters per second to enjoy Korea’s mesmerizing screens and light displays as you ascend toward Sky Deck’s summit.

Explore the Sky Bridge, an open-air feature connecting two of the tower’s peaks at 541m above ground level – it will leave you breathless with adrenaline! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that promises an adrenaline rush!

5. Yongsan Family Park

Seoul offers visitors an idyllic way to experience nature: this breathtaking green space. Attracting visitors during spring blossom season and autumn color changes, this park also hosts weekend cultural performances designed to keep visitors amused.

Once used as a logistics base during the Imjin War and later by Qing troops, this park offers visitors an insight into Korea’s rich history as you stroll its fortress walls. Make sure to visit Ihwa Mural Village and Eight Provinces Pine Tree Complex!

This easy walking route winds its way around Yongsan Family Park. Downloading Pacer can help you discover other nearby hiking routes. Yongsan Park provides beautiful and serene landscape, providing beautiful views of Bukhansan Mountain and downtown Seoul as well as being perfect for romantic strolls as well as family picnics.

6. The War Memorial of Korea

History buffs and military enthusiasts should visit The War Memorial of Korea as it contains an impressive collection of artifacts as well as educational programming such as cultural events, military music performances and honor guard events.

The Han River runs through the heart of Seoul, providing visitors with an oasis of relaxation from its hustle and bustle. Along its banks are several parks and recreational areas – including one boasting the world’s longest bridge fountain!

The DMZ is a favorite family tourist spot and provides unforgettable historical experiences such as traveling into North Korea. Safe and straightforward enough even for disinterested teens, the experience will make your Seoul visit truly memorable! Additionally, its vicinity boasts numerous art galleries, traditional crafts shops and teahouses that add charm and diversity.

7. Gyeongju National Park

Bulguksa Temple Complex and Goseonsaji Stone Pagoda, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage, are impressive, but the park’s true treasure lies within its ancient tombs – some even housing gold crowns and silk robes! Exploring these tombs can truly transform one’s experience of this park.

Admire Namsan Park and Gardens to witness Seoul’s iconic N Tower – also known as its symbol. At nighttime, its beauty shines even brighter. Or visit its garden-like observatory, known for being Asia’s first star observatory.

Do you find heritage exhausting? Escape central Seoul for the adult-only Figure Museum W, an unusual attraction which combines serious studies of figurines and toys with fun theme park rides showcasing some titillating outdoor sculptures such as sexualized sculptures.

8. Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is one of Seoul’s must-see attractions, located at the center of Seoul’s fashion district and designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid – an expert of parametric architecture.

The complex houses exhibition galleries, design shops, rooftop parks and cafes. It also boasts thousands of aluminum panels arranged randomly – no two angles of the building look the same! Additionally, The DDP hosts numerous cultural events like art installations by teams such as TeamLab.

Dongdaemun offers so much to experience that it may take you more than one visit to experience everything! Open 24/7, the plaza offers visitors an abundance of things to see and do; be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Don’t miss seeing Dongdaemun’s futuristic structure shine day or night!

9. LEGOLAND Korea Resort

Built for families, LEGOLAND Korea Resort features seven themes for children to experience fun – LEGO CASTLE, BRICKTOPIA, PIRATE SHORES, LEGO City, NINJAGO WORLD and MINILAND. There are over 40 rides and attractions.

Kids can gain engineering skills by creating and assembling their own fire engine or powering up a LEGO car, and participating in a brick party that upgrades the traditional carousel with unique designs.

Buy tickets online as they offer discounted prices; visit their website or use the LEGOLAND app to purchase. Because the park has limited capacity, arriving early to experience everything it offers is recommended. Take the Gyeonggui Line and exit at Chuncheon Station Exit 1 where there will be a free shuttle bus leaving at 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am and 12:00pm respectively.

10. Aquarium of Korea

The Aquarium of Korea is an immensely popular tourist and local attraction alike, especially with regard to tourism. A major draw is their Transparent Boat that allows visitors to view sharks swimming below them! There’s also a Marine Touch Lab where visitors can feel sea cucumbers and other creatures!

Coex Mall in Gangnam’s Aquarium is an underground facility housing thousands of marine life and features 14 themed zones: Imagination Fish Country, Amazonia World, Seven Seas Ocean Kingdom Marine Touch Research Institute Deep Blue Tunnel to name just some.

At the Aquarium of Korea there’s so much to do from viewing sea animals to enjoying live mermaid shows – making this an excellent way to spend an enjoyable day with family or friends!